Hi! Brad and Marika here.

We just wanted to tell you a little something about us .

We have been together for 10 years working, living and bringing up children, whilst trying to run a business. Although our other business ventures doing well, we have been longing to start a gift box company but add our own twist, so we can make your gift giving, extra special.  We make many of our own products and wanted to bring these together in a way that you, as a customer, can either enjoy for yourself or gift to a loved one.

Marika creates the the products for women's gift boxes, and as she is from Finland, these products have a Scandinavian feel, with a sense of calm and well being.


I have been making men's grooming products for sometime under the name of Rusty Bear, creating oils, butters and bath bombs for men.

Spa and Wellness

All Kraft52 products are natural using only the purest ingredients from sustainable sources. We are both environmentally aware and endeavour to make Kraft52 a plastic free company. Any plastics that we do use, for example our shower gel and shampoo bottles are PET plastic which can be recycled, our gift boxes are made from bamboo and the plastic window is formed from plant extracts. Even our plastic mailers are bio degradable. Just trying to do our little bit to help towards a cleaner environment, although we are not 100% plastic free we are nearly there and always looking for solutions. So when buying, using or gifting any of our boxes, you too can feel that you are doing your part.

Gift your loved ones something unique and personal. We love what we do and we hope that you enjoy your gift box.